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Find step-by-step visual tutorials of all your favourite patterns from I AM. Zèbre, Lion, Joy, Jain, Cassiopée, Libellule. Learn all the techniques with these visual instructions and turn all of the sewing patterns into handmade clothes easily.

  • How to sew a tower placket

    Unlocking the Mysteries of Tower Plackets: A Step-by-Step Sewing Guide Are you ready to elevate your sewing skills to new heights? Tower plackets may seem daunting at first glance, but fear not! In this comprehensive tutorial, we’ll demystify the process and guide you through every step. Tower plackets are a stylish and functional addition to […]

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  • I AM Bob trench coat sewalong

    Timeless and elegant, Bob is the iconic trench coat that will slip easily into your wardrobe. Follow our guide to help you sew this modern wardrobe essential.

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  • Finitions I AM Rainbow How to add finishing touches to Rainbow

    The I AM Rainbow sweatshirt is wardrobe essential. That’s why, in this article, we’re looking at the finishing touches for an even nicer sweater that will stay with us longer.

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  • I AM Rê Duffle coat women sewing pattern I AM Rê Sew Along – How to sew a lined coat

    Rê is the perfect sewing project to take your skills up to the next level, and our in-depth instructions will see you through every step of the way. For each part of the process, you will find written instructions and images to illustrate each technique.

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  • I AM Hathor Sleeveless gilet sewing pattern I AM Hathor Sew Along – How to sew a sleeveless vest

    Hathor gives you 18 options to choose from to create your ultimate sleeveless vest or gilet. Perfect for all seasons, Hathor can be worn on winter walks, as a casual throw-on for summer evenings and for those in-between days. Each part of the sewing process is fully explained and illustrated with images to guide you each step of the way.

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  • I AM Hesat Banner sewalong I AM Hesat Sew Along – How to sew a shirred dress

    Hesat is a 4-in-1 pattern that’s as stylish as it is comfortable. Sewing Hesat is a breeze for more experienced sewists, and the loose shape means it’s also perfect for beginners.

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  • I AM Nout Banner sewalong I AM Nout Sew Along – How to sew sailor trousers

    Nout is a classic pair of sailor-style trousers. Perfect for days out, styled smartly for work, or with heels for a night out, Nout will slip into your forever-wardrobe. Nout is easy to sew and is perfect to step up your game. In this tutorial, for each step of the process, you will find written instructions accompanied by images.

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  • I AM Helios Dress by Sewing Therapy The I AM Hélios dress – Video tutorial

    Sara from the “Sewing Therapy” Youtube channel shows you all the steps to sew the I AM Hélios dress easily.

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  • I AM Aura high-low hem dress with ruffle sew along

    Aura is an elegant and understated A-line dress with a high-low hem. Aura can be made as a top or a simple swing dress, with an optional ruffle for a fun twist on a classic. With no fastenings, this garment is perfect for beginners and more experienced sewists alike. Below you’ll find a step by […]

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  • Bannière Tuto I Am Helios The I AM Hélios jumpsuit sew along

    Hélios is a 7-in-1 pattern that brings endless styling opportunities. With a unique and elegant open-front detail and an elasticated waistband, Hélios is chic yet casual and comfortable. The construction of Hélios is beginner-friendly, while the different elements of the design allow your imagination to run wild as you pick and mix to create your […]

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  • Sew A Bag For The Holidays Tutorial I Am Patterns I Am Celebrating: Sewing a purse for the holidays

    Elegant, practical and timeless it is this is the perfect handbag for the upcoming festivities. It’s also the perfect way to use your offcuts. Read on for the full instructions, we hope you enjoy sewing (and using!) this fab handmade handbag.

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  • I-AM-Patterns-free-topstitching-designs-sunshine-jeans 20 free topstitching designs for I AM Sunshine

    By Emilie from @mggplusplus I AM Sunshine is the ultimate jeans sewing pattern. Whether you choose the tapered leg option or the slouchy balloon shape, this sewing pattern gives you all the classic details a pair of jeans should have; Italian pockets, patch pockets, rivets, a fly front, belt loops and contrast topstitching. With our […]

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