PDF sewing patterns

You are wondering how to print, assemble and use a pdf pattern? Follow the guide.

1. What is included in I AM’s PDF patterns?

Our PDF sewing patterns include:

  • An index of all the files
  • The instructions in English
  • The instructions in French
  • The print at home pattern compatible with A4 and US Letter domestic printers
  • The pattern in A0 format to be printed at a copy shop (this file is also named copyshop or wide file).

Some of our more recent patterns also contain the pattern in A3.

2. Prepare your PDF pattern

Retrieve your PDF pattern

Once the order is finalised, you can retrieve your pdf patterns the following ways:

        • Right after payment you are redirected to a confirmation page. You can download your patterns directly on this page.
        • An automated email is sent upon payment so you can download the pattern directly from the email. If you cannot find the email in your inbox, please check your spam folder
        • You can always find and download all your pdf patterns on your account.

Download the .zip file

You need to download the pdf pattern on a computer. It will not open on a tablet or a mobile.

Unzip the .zip file

On a Mac :

Double click on the file and it will unzip automatically creating a folder holding all the pdf files.

On a PC :

To unzip all the contents of the zipped folder, press and hold (or right-click) the folder, select Extract All, and then follow the instructions.

Know which file to use

Refer to the index file “Read me.pdf” to understand which file to use for printing your pattern.

Open the desired pdf file using your preferred pdf viewer and start the printing process.

3. Print the pattern

Before printing, ensure that the scale setting of your printer is either set to print at “actual size” or “100%”.

Once you have set this, print the first page of the file on which you have a test square. Check that the test square measures 10cm x 10cm. If the printed square is smaller or larger, check your printer’s scale options once again and make sure they are set correctly. Once the square is at the right scale, it means your printer’s settings are correct. You can now print the entire document.

4. Assemble your pattern

Before you can assemble the pages together, you will need to trim off the edges of the pages. So it is as precise as possible cut on the outside of the black lines. Then, follow the layout plan of the pattern and match the dots of each adjacent page. They will help you keep everything aligned.

Once it’s all assembled, you can cut your pattern pieces following the lines of the desired size.

Happy sewing!