Sew along of I Am Barbara

Barbara puts a twist on the classic shirt. With flounce variations and the option to sew a shirt or dress, Barbara brings limitless opportunities your way.

This shirt features a lot of interesting techniques, including a collar, slit and cuffs, so in this sew-along, we show you each technique step-by-step.

If this is your first time sewing a shirt, we will guide you each step of the way to ensure you have a beautiful garment to wear with pride. 

For each step, you will find written instructions accompanied by multiple images. There are quite a few steps in the instructions for I AM Barbara. So it is easier to follow, we separated each step in different containers. Once a step is done, click on the next title to see the content of the next step. You can also click on the pictures to enlarge them in a pop up window.

I AM Barbara

I Am Barbara is a classic shirt given a unique spin with flounces set into the sleeve. Classic details include a collar, cuffs with a slit opening, a back yoke and a centre-back pleat. The button-up front is hidden under a placket. A wide cut creates a laid-back, nonchalant style.


Preparing the flounces

Staystitching the flounces

Staystitch the flounces to avoid stretching and distorting them. Using a straight stitch, sew 5/16’’ (7mm) from the edges as follows:

– for the long and short flounces (with godets) staystitch along the top and bottom edges.

– for the medium flounces (flat) staystitch along the top edge only.

You will find the illustrations in the booklet.

Preparing the front flounces

Finish the bottom of the front flounces.

Fold the bottom of each flounce 3/8’’ (1 cm) towards the wrong side and press.

Pin in place and sew at 5/16’’ (7 mm) to hem. Press.

Preparing the front flounces

Place both back flounces right sides together and align them at the center back. Pin in place and sew at 3/8’’ (1 cm). Finish the seam and press towards one side. Topstitch 3/16’’ (5 mm) from the center back seam to maintain the seam allowances in place. Press.

Finish the bottom edge of the assembled flounce. 

Fold the bottom edge 3/8’’ (1 cm) towards the wrong side and press. Pin in place and sew at 5/16’’ (7 mm) to hem. Press.

And there you have it, your I Am Barbara is complete! Congratulations! We would love to see your finished garment, please do share photos on Instagram and tag @iampatterns and use #iampatterns #iambarbara

Nous tenons à remercier chaleureusement Barbara @bee_made. Notre collaboration a abouti à une chemise unique et nous espérons qu’elle vous apportera beaucoup de joie.

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