We design sewing patterns

to spark creativity

Since 2015, I AM Patterns have inspired thousands of people around the world to cut, pin and sew beautiful clothes that truly resemble them. I AM Patterns aim to stimulate passions and make sewing accessible to everyone from beginners to confirmed sewists. This is why we create simple, beautiful, contemporary patterns to which, everyone can add their personal touch and express their personality day after day. We believe there is no limit to creating your own clothing identity.

For I AM, sewing is also a big step towards a more ethical world. A step that everyone can take. We believe sewing is not only fun and enjoyable but also gratifying. It’s good for you, it’s good for others and it’s also good for the planet. The new men’s range pursues this ecological and human approach by enabling any sewists to create their own clothes too.

We will take this approach further as we’ll offer pattern drafting training in English in 2020. Learning to make clothes to your own measurements in another level of satisfaction…

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Two sisters working side by side

We want to share this passion, that Marie-Emilienne transmitted to her sister Blandine, with you.


Founder and designer

Aventurer of the every day, I’m interested in everything. I love watching the world go by and go from surprises to surprises. That’s when my creations start flourishing.

My two passions: sewing and teaching allow me to share with the sewing community the love of handmade, the joy of creating and expressing your personality. My aim is to make the sewing savoir-faire accessible to all and wake passions. I wish you all wonderful adventures on this exhilarating journey.


Marketing manager

I have always been interested in travelling, cycling, baking and reading but I have always thought that I wasn’t made for arts and crafts. This was until I attended a silver jewellery class a few years ago. Since then I have been passionate about almost anything handmade. I have learnt to sew and I wouldn’t be able to do without it anymore,  Now I like to share this passion with my friends and watch them become seamstresses.

I AM Patterns - Patterns drafting training course
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Blandine I AM About Us
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