#iamhacking – Share your hacks

Are you hacking patterns and interested to create a tutorial to be published on our blog? Just like @thepolkadotpalace@paul_et_paulette or even @fil_a_peau share hacks on Instagram. After seeing their versions of our patterns we’ve asked them to collaborate on blog posts. So don’t hesitate to use the #iamhacking hashtag on Instagram. Moreover, by using the hashtag on social media you’ll be able to inspire other sewists to not only sew your hack but also create their own.

Hack of Cassiopée with gathers transformed into ruffles by @paul_et_paulette

You are at the heart of our designs.

Once you have the pattern in hand it enters another dimension. It can become whatever you want. You choose the fabric and the supplies depending on your needs and fancies.

Selection of fabrics by @mapetitemercerie for the I AM Cindy skirt

Slowly the garment comes to life just like you imagined it. It become you.

And sometimes the original pattern is not enough to show who you truly are. This is when your creativity comes to life. You modify a neckline, you add a belt or you draft a different sleeve…

I AM Gaïa with an added bow by @ledressingdecindy

Thanks to all those little details you appropriate the pattern. For us, there’s nothing more gratifying than this.

The addition of a belt by @ceciletood

The hacks in 2019

Last year on top of the variations we provided, we asked a few talented seamstresses to explain how to create the hacks they had imagined. All are available on the website.

Ruffles at the shoulders for Gaïa by @fil_a_peau

Alice from @the.polka.dot.palace replaced the original sleeves of Juliette and made cap sleeves instead.  Cindy from @ledressingdecindy added a bow to the shoulder of Gaia when  Emilie of @fil_a_peau added ruffles. Cécile of @ceciletood transformed the Charlotte skirt with the addition of a removable belt.  Finally, Pauline of @paul_et_paulette showed how to change gathers into ruffles for the Cassiopée dress.

@the.polka.dot.palace replaced the original sleeve of I AM Juliette with cap sleeves

What’s planned for 2020

On top of you participation with #iamhacking we already have a few ideas for this year’s hacks. We’ll start with the talented  @ateliersvila who is going to show us how to close the I AM Cindy skirt with a bow instead of a button placket. Then we will do one more variation of I AM Chantal which will add another 12 versions to this already versatile pattern.

Soon on the blog: @ateliersvila shows how to close I AM Cindy with a lovely bow

So it’s time to dare! Dare create the hacks you have in mind and share them with the community. You’ll see it’s not as difficult as it first seems.

Once your garment is finished, share it on Instagram with the #iamhacking and #iampatterns hashtags or send us an email with a picture if you don’t have an Instagram account.

This way, you’ll be sure we can’t miss your creations and you’ll inspire other seamstresses to appropriate our patterns and create their own hacks.

Are you ready? Let’s do this.

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