Charlotte – Adding a belt

This is a very simple hack that adds a “petit je ne sais quoi” to the skirt. The I AM Charlotte skirt with an added belt by @ceciletood caught our eyes on Instagram. Cécile has kindly accepted to create a step-by-step tutorial of the customisation so you can make yours too. Follow the guide…

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The seamstress : Cécile Todisco

I AM Charlotte Profil @ceciletood
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« Hacking sewing patterns allow me to add my personal touch and it’s also a good challenge. »

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I am 40 years old. I live in the Landes region, in France. I started sewing about 2 years ago. Before I “tried” to sew bags but I really started sewing after the 3rd French Sewing Bee show. I taught myself. I started with Burda patterns which I tampered with a lot… One thin leading to another I powered through and got better. Now I like to wear a me made garment everyday. Sewing has quickly become a passion. I am lucky to have my own little room where I can sew and I do so any time I can. I have plenty of ideas but the days aren’t long enough… I sew for myself, my kids, my man, my family and my friends. I take inspiration from fashion trends, small French clothing brands and I try to make sure it fits my personality. Hacking sewing patterns allow me to add my personal touch and it’s also a good challenge. I love challenges! In fact, my next challenge will be a swimming suit…

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Follow the tutorial below to sew the same I AM Charlotte skirt as Cécile. If you do not have your I AM Charlotte pattern, discover it now. It’s a very simple skirt. Both beginners and seasoned sewists will love sewing it.


Fabric : 1 1/8 yard by 55” in total for this version

6 buttons of 2/4″ diameter


Prepare the pattern following your size and cut as indicated on the layout plan.

Download the pattern pieces for the belt and belt loops and cut it as per the desired size.

Cut the belt piece twice and the belt loop piece once in the fabric.


Follow steps 1 to 4 of the instructions booklet.


Overlock one length of the belt loop piece. Fold and and iron the raw length 3/8″ on the wrong side. Then fold and iron the overlocked length 3/8″ on top. Sew from top to bottom in the middle. Then cut the band to make 5 belt loops of 3 1/8″ (8 cm).

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Place the waistband and the garment right sides together at the waist. Match up the notches with the side seams (drawing F on the booklet).

Insert the belt loops between the skirt and the waistband so wrong side of the belt loops face the right side of the skirt. The belt loops should be placed as follows:

Front – 2 belt loops

1 belt loop at 3/8″ of each front dart

Back – 3 belt loops

1 belt loop at the center back

1 belt loop on each side at equal distance of the side seam and the dart

Pin the skirt and the belt loops with one layer of the waistband. The other layer of the waistband remains free. Sew all along at 3/8’’. Iron in order to place the seam allowance inside the waistband.

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Iron the 3/8’’ seam allowance of the free layer towards the inside of the waistband. Looking at the wrong side of the garment, align this folded edge with the first seam. Pin in place. On the right side of the garment, topstitch 2 mm from the first seam (drawing G on the booklet).


Fold the bottom of the belt loops 3/8″ on the wrong side and pin in place. To attach them firmly, topstitch each belt loop back and forth.

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Finish the garment as indicated on step 6 of te instruction booklet.


Place both belt pieces wrong side together and align them at their height. Sew at 3/8” to assemble the belt. Iron the seam open.

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Fold the belt in half lengthwise right sides together and sew from one extremity to the other at 3/8″. Make sure to leave an opening to be able to turn the belt right side out.

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Iron and trim the angles.

Turn the belt right side out and iron. Where the opening is, iron the 3/8″ seam allowances inside the belt. Pin in place.

Topstitch all along the belt at 2mm from the edge.

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Place the belt in the belt loops and tie it at the front of the skirt.

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Et voilà! It’s as simple as that. You can be proud, your I AM Charlotte skirt is now finished. Now it’s time to show the rest of the community your prowesses. Post it on social and tag: @iam_patterns #iamcharlotte #iampatterns and of course @ceciletood.

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