This year let’s give hand-sewn gifts

This year we want to share our little Festive ritual with you and inspire you to use your talents to sew gifts for your loved ones.

You may not know it, but behind I AM Patterns are two sisters, Marie-Emilienne and Blandine. We also have a little sister, Bénédicte.

For 7 years now, for Christmas, we have been giving each other handmade gifts. Whether the gift is sewn or not, we all take time in the crazy period leading to the festive holidays to create unique gifts.

Receiving them is always a joy. We always appreciate the ideas, the effort, the love put into them and the time spent. And when we use or wear the gift, our sister is with us.

If this inspires you, keep reading, you will find a selection of timeless sewing projects that you can sew to one or more of your loved ones. Most are simple projects that don’t take a lot of time. and for some you can also use your fabric scraps.

For those who don’t have much time

Have you noticed that time flies way too quickly before the holidays? For those who have less time to sew but who would still like to offer handmade garments, here are our recommendations.

I AM Octarine

With only 4 pattern pieces, I AM Octarine is the perfect pattern for a quick make with a WOW effect.

I AM Mimosa

With its large rolled down collar, I AM Mimosa is a cape that suits everyone. If you don’t have time for sewing welt pockets, you will find a free pattern add-on to sew patch pockets instead.

I AM Apollon

I AM Apollon is the first sweater pattern we have designed. It is very quick and easy to make even with a sewing machine. You’ll also find the men’s version of the pattern.

I AM Gaïa

I AM Gaïa is surely the fastest-to-make sewing pattern in our range. And in most sizes it takes less than a meter of fabric to sew this lovely cami top.

For those who want a lot of options

Choosing a pattern to make as a gift is all well and good, but if on top of this, the pattern has several options to be able to sew it for yourself afterwards, that’s even better. Here are 3 patterns that offer several variations.

I AM Rainbow

With I AM Rainbow you can choose between 70 different versions of sweatshirts. Yes, yes, 70. You can choose between 4 lengths, 3 types of pockets, zipped or pull-on sweatshirt, ribbing or hemmed finishes and for the neckline there are two hoods to choose from and also a neckband.

I AM Julie

The I AM Julie wrap skirt was designed by Julie from @ateliersvila last year during our pattern drafting course. We then worked together to grade the skirt in order to be able to launch it for other sewists to make. The result is a timeless wrap skirt with 2 lengths and 2 ways to close the it.

I AM Cinderella

I AM Cinderella is once again the result of a lovely collaboration with the talented Cindy from @ledressingdecindy. This pattern can be done either as a dress or a blouse. The original pattern offers 4 sleeve finishes and there is now an extension to be able to sew 2 more sleeves. In all there are 12 different versions that you can make.

For the little ones

To avoid the barely been unwrapped already forgotten gifts, why not offer a hand-sewn garment to our little ones? They will wear it with pride and you will be with them on all their adventures.

I AM Artémis Mini

The Artémis Mini jacket is a unisex pattern for children from 3 to 14 years old. With its modern cut and large collar, this jacket will appeal to little boys as well as teenage girls.

I AM Cassiopée Mini

I AM Cassiopée Mini is a loose gathered dress with a buttoning in the back. Sober and elegant, it will appeal to all little girls who want the same dress as mom.

I AM Harry Mini

Harry is the perfect cape for little girls. It is a circle cape, which allows to move without restricting any movement. It features in-seam pockets that will shelter all their treasures.

For those who want to use fabric scraps

We love making gifts that are sewn very quickly and that use very little fabric. This is the case with these accessories. In addition, the patterns are available as a free download on the blog. They will be perfect gifts to put under the tree.

I AM Michel and I AM Michelle

Use your jersey scraps to sew a Michel beanie and a Michelle scarf and put them under the tree.

3 pouches and 1 bag

Did you know that we started I AM Patterns in 2015 by offering ready-to-sew accessory kits. They were printed directly onto the fabric and optimised for minimal waste.

The tote bag

Who doesn’t need a tote bag in their life? Easy to sew or to have a beginner sew, this is always a great gift. And, let’s not forget that a tote bag is also great for wrapping gifts.

The zipped pouch

Depending on the dimensions you choose to make it, this zipped pouch will be very useful throughout the year.

The drawstring pouch

The drawstring pouch will be perfect for storing makeup, Legos for your children, or cables and chargers (not super glamorous but very practical).

The folded pouch

In the past we have used the folded pouch to carry our cellphones, a bit of make up for the day or even glasses. Add a little ribbon or a snap fastener to close it easily and it’ll follow them everywhere. It’s a great little pouch to add a gift card in too.

Taking the time to sew together

If you don’t have time to sew for your loved one before the festive holidays, why not gift them a pattern and the necessary haberdashery and offer them to sew it together?

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