Sewing Shérazade in 3 different fabrics

I AM Sherazade dress by I AM Patterns
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I AM Shérazade, one of the four patterns from the I AM A Princess collection, is a lovely Summer dress perfect for colour blocking. Its front and back are completely symmetrical with a lovely V-neckline and it also features a gathered skirt. With its simple lines it’s also a very easy dress to make and it’s perfect for beginners.

The patterns is composed of 8 separate panels which allows you to use different fabrics for a more graphic feel. And as all the panels are narrow it is perfect for using big pieces of fabric scarps.

For the garments presented on the website we wanted to show the capabilities of the pattern by sewing two dresses in different materials and colours. Both dresses are sewn in size 38 and for each we have chosen 3 different fabrics.

I AM Shérazade geometric dress by I AM Patterns
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We have received quite a lot of requests to know the yardage necessary for sewing the dress in three different fabrics so you’ll find the yardage and layout plans for this below.

Then, we’ll show you two Shérazade by which were lengthened to make a long dress or shortened to make a blouse and we’ll give you the measurements to do the same.

The dresses

Depending of the material used for the dress, the overall look is different. It is the case for our two dresses.

The blue dress made out of viscose

For this dress we wanted to combine plain fabrics with a patterned fabric which adds to the uniqueness of the model.

The three fabrics used are Mind the Maker Ecovero viscoses from Meter Meter. This material gives a fluid dress that drapes really nicely and falls close to the body.

You can find the pink polka dot fabric, the solid pink fabric and the blue fabric as well as many other beautiful colours on Meter Meter’s  website.

The pink dress made out in linen

We wanted this dress to be very simple and that’s why we only used plain fabrics.

The three fabrics used are linens from Stragier. This material, being more rigid than the viscose of the blue dress, gives a little more volume to the dress.

You can find the powder pink linen and the beige linen used for the tops and the red linen for the skirt on the Stragier website.

The yardage

To sew the dress in three different fabrics you will need two different fabrics for the top and the facing and another one for the skirt.

The bodice and facing


The yardages below are shown for 2 bodice panels (one side of the bodice). In total, you need 4 bodice panels. So you will have to prepare the same yardage twice to get both sides of the bodice.

Fabric types34-3638-4042-4446-4850-52
43” and 55” wide fabrics50 cm / 20 in50 cm / 20 in55 cm / 22 in55 cm / 22 in55 cm / 22 in

43” and 55” wide fabrics – All sizes

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The skirt


The yardages thereafter are indicated for the 4 skirt panels (the entire shirt).

Fabric types34-3638-4042-4446-4850-52
55” wide fabric165 cm / 65 in165 cm / 65 in165 cm / 65 in165 cm / 65 in165 cm / 65 in
43” wide fabric175 cm / 1 7/8 yds175 cm / 1 7/8 yds175 cm / 1 7/8 yds175 cm / 2 yds250 cm / 2 3/4 yds

Layout plan

55” wide fabric – All sizes

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43” wide fabric – sizes 34 à 48

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43” wide fabric – sizes 50 & 52

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Lengthening I AM Shérazade

Shérazade dresses are already starting to bloom on Instagram and we have already spotted two variations, a cropped one and a lengthened one, that we want to share with you.

The blouse

Anne from @mydress_made has already sewn Shérazade twice. Her first version was a blouse. We loved the idea so we want to share it with you.

The maxi dress

While on the contrary, Mouna from @kardamoon_creations decided to lengthen it to make it a dress below the knee. She sewed it in two fabrics and even added ruffles to the cuffs. The result is really lovely.

How to change the length?

Lengthening or shortening the pattern couldn’t be easier. Just move the bottom line of the skirt to the desired measurement.

To create a blouse, we suggest you shorten the skirt piece (piece n° 2) by 10” (25 cm) from the bottom. You will not be able to add the pockets on this version.

For a maxi dress, we recommend lengthening the bottom of the skirt piece (piece #2) by 16” (40 cm).

On social media

Take inspiration from the versions posted on Instagram to create your I AM Shérazade dress. And as soon as it is sewn, please share it with the hashtags #iamsherazade and #iampatterns as we would love to see it.

If you do not have your Shérazade sewing pattern, check it out now.

A thousand thanks to,, @ledressingdecindy, @la_meuf_qui_coud, @mydress_made, @kardamoon_creations for the help in making this article.

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