Make a belt for your Cinderella

I AM Cinderella is one of the patterns from the I AM A Princess collection. Just like for the Cindy skirt, this new pattern has been designed by Cindy from @ledressingdecindy during the second week of our pattern drafting course. They wanted a simple pattern so beginners could sew it and with lots of variations. I AM Cinderella features 2 lengths and 4 sleeve finishes and is loose fitting which makes it very comfortable. What’s more, it is as easy to make as it is to wear.

Just like the Cindy skirt which was also designed by Cindy in 2019, Cinderella has plenty of godets. And when there are godets, there’s volume. So whether it’s for the blouse or the dress, Cinderella has a lot of ease and that’s also why it’s so comfortable.

This is not a secret, we love garments with lots of volume at I AM Patterns and we wear them without a belt. But Cindy prefers wearing her Cinderella dresses with a belt.

When she made her green Cinderella dress she decided to use the scraps to sew a belt.

This pattern has been designed with beginners in mind so Cindy really wanted us to create a tutorial for the sewists who wouldn’t know how to do it. So here it is.

Draft the pattern

To create the pattern you’ll first need to measure your waist and add 80 cm.

We’ll take the example of a person which waist measures 76 cm. You just have to add 76 cm + 80 cm. Which means that the length of the waistband will be 156 cm.

Now to finish drafting the belt you have to decide on the finished height of the belt. Then, to find the height to cut, double that measurement and add twice the seam allowance.

For our example we want a final height of 4 cm and the seam allowance is 1 cm for each side. So the height of the piece to cut will be (4 cm x 2) + (1 cm x 2) = 10 cm.

Which means that the belt pattern piece should be a rectangle of 10 cm by 156 cm.

You will need to cut this piece once in fabric.

Sew the belt

To be able to see well where to stitch, the below drawings are not to scale.

Fold the belt right sides together lengthwise.

Sew from one end to the other and leave a 10 cm gap on the length of the belt.

I AM Patterns Belt Cinderella 1
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Turn the belt right side out and press. Press the seam allowances of the opening inside the belt.

Using a matching thread, stitch the opening close 2 mm from the edge.

I AM Patterns Belt Tutorial Cinderella
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That’s it. It’s as simple as that. You can now slip on your Cinderella dress and meet your friends for a drink outside.

I AM Patterns Cinderella Dress Collab @ledressingdecindy belt tutorial
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