Sew Along For I AM Octarine

I AM Octarine is a sewing pattern created in collaboration with Marie-Claire Idées.

Octarine is a chic and timeless wrap dress. Perfect in linen and viscose in summer or velvet in winter, Octarine can be sewn again and again to be enjoyed year-round.

With just a few steps, Octarine is a perfect sewing pattern for beginners.

Below, we’ll take you through the process of sewing your dress step-by-step. To make it more readable, we have separated the stages into sections. For each step you will find written instructions accompanied by several pictures. When one step is finished, click on the next title to display the desired content. Click on the photos to isolate them and enlarge them if required.

I AM Octarine

I am Octarine, a classic wrap dress that is equal parts stylish and graceful. Fluid fabric gives me an elegant silhouette, with added definition from my fitted waist detail and removable belt. I have a deep v-neck, elbow length butterfly sleeves, and I sit elegantly at the knee.


Sewing the belt

Place both belt pieces right sides together. Pin in place and sew one of the ends 3/8’’ (1 cm) from the edge. Press the seam open.

Fold the belt in half lengthwise right sides together. Sew all along the length at 3/8’’ (1 cm).

Press the seam open. Turn right side out and press.

Fold each end of the belt 3/8’’ (1 cm) towards the inside and press. Sew each end at 1/8’’ (2 mm).

And there you have it, your I Am Octarine is complete! Congratulations! We would love to see your finished garment, please do share photos on Instagram and tag @iampatterns and use #iampatterns #iamoctarine

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