Is your wardrobe ready for mid-season ?

At the end of February, spring is still a long way off, but the temperatures will soon be milder. Hot during the day, cold in the morning and evening, dressing between seasons is never easy. To be ready when the time comes, take stock and sew your mid-season wardrobe now.

For us, a mid-season wardrobe is made up of classic pieces that match each other.

In the example below, we have sewn 4 garments. The I AM Bob trench coat, the I AM Barbara shirt, the I AM Baloo dress and the I AM Gaston jersey jacket. As an added bonus, the ruffles on the Baloo dress were sewn from scraps of the I AM Barbara shirt to keep things consistent and use as much of our fabric as possible.

In the spirit of our seasonal wardrobe, we’re mixing and matching these 4 garments to create different outfits. We can go even further, wearing Bob over Gaston (or Gaston under Bob) for cooler days.

With Bob and Barbara having 8 versions, Baloo 15 and Gaston 6, you can see that with just a few patterns, you can really start sewing a mid-season caspule wardrobe with ease.

So which pieces should you sew?

Here’s our selection of essentials to complete your mid-season look! Starting with the timeless mid-season essentials: trench coats and raincoats.

I AM Bob classic trench with 8 versions, 4 lengths and 2 collar options
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A garment that transcends generations and styles: the trench coat. I AM Bob is a coat you’ll treasure for years to come.

I AM Patterns Jacques Classic Raincoat Sewing Patterns
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With its hood, pockets and button placket, I AM Jacques has all the features of the classic raincoat and is available in 3 lengths.

Slip a sleeveless jacket, a blazer or a comfortable jersey jacket under your coat.

I AM Hathor Sleeveless vest Sewing pattern
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With its 18 variations, you’re bound to find THE version of I AM Hathor to suit your life.

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I AM Full Moon is a classic yet casual blazer. Sew the long version and wear it as a dress too.

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If you’re looking for the perfect piece to wear between seasons, look no further than I AM Gaston.

We continue with a modern wardrobe staple, the sweatshirt.

I AM Rainbow sewing pattern classic hoodie sweatshirt
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I AM Rainbow is a sweatshirt available in 4 lengths. With or without hood, with or without zip, with or without ribbing and with 2 pocket options, you can choose from 70 versions.

And finally, do we need to mention the T-shirt and the jeans?

I AM Patterns sewing pattern Collab Ledressingdecindy Bodysuit T Shirt Chantal
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From a slim-fitting long-sleeve bodysuit to a loose-fitting 3/4-sleeve t-shirt, I AM Chantal comes in 24 versions that will follow you on your adventures all year round.

I AM Sunshine jeans sewing pattern
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There’s always a place for classic jeans in a modern wardrobe. With I AM Sunshine, choose between tapered legs or balloon legs.

What if my lifestyle doesn’t allow me to go for the casual look?

The patterns listed above match our lifestyles and needs. But, everyone has different lives and different clothing needs, so here’s a selection of patterns that will also fit easily into a long-lasting, versatile wardrobe, whatever your style.

I AM Hesat shirred dress
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Blouse or dress, long or short sleeves, you can sew and wear I AM Hésat all year round.

I AM Patterns Joy blouse
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I AM Joy is a seemingly simple blouse, but its boat neckline and 3/4 gathered sleeves give it a bold edge.

I AM Blandine black tencel dress
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As well as being the perfect project for beginners (and a quick and easy sew for the more experienced), I AM Blandine is a free pattern with several designs.

Skirt I AM Julie Ateliersvila Blog Sewing Tutorial Pockets and Lining
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With its 8 variations, I AM Julie, designed by Julie from @ateliersvila, is a wrap skirt that lends itself to all occasions.

I AM Rachel Midi Slit Skirt Sewing Pattern in Viscose
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I AM Rachel is a slit skirt inspired by the 90s. Sew it with warmer days in mind and wear it with tights in mid-season.

I AM Patterns - Sewing Pattern Mimosa Cape Front
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With its large collar and pockets, I AM Mimosa will take you into town and into the countryside.

Take stock before sewing

As you can see from the example at the beginning of this article, we plan our wardrobe methodically. Whatever your needs and wants, before buying the latest patterns and fabrics, plan ahead. And we can help you with that too.

Indeed, a few years ago, Marie-Emilienne shared her tips for creating a completely hand-sewn wardrobe. In this article, you’ll find a free printable template to help you define your wardrobe needs. You can then put all your answers on paper and create your ideal mid-season wardrobe, but not only that… This template can also be used without moderation for any other season.

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