Seemingly – A film by

  • Save is the pseudonyme of I AM Patterns’ most photographed model. But for us, Valérie is above all a friend. An extraordinary woman who crossed our path during one of our pattern drafting course. We needed help with the photoshoot for the I AM Magic collection, and she agreed to take part. Since then, she’s joined us twice a year for the photoshoots of the new collections.

Our conversations are profound, on tricky subjects that mainly concern the world of ‘fashion’, the textile industry and the power of handmade garments, the great feeling that comes with sewing your own clothes and thinking about our wardrobes differently. In August, Valérie made a film. With a very powerful message. Very poignant. Yet very simple.

“Seemingly” is a poetic and philosophical exploration of our relationship with fashion and the impact of consumerism on our environment.

Made by and with women she admires, for their strength as much as their sensitivity, this short film aims to encourage reflection on a slower, circular and committed alternative fashion.

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All the outfits were produced under the label, using upcycled Goretex fabric samples. The shoes were prototypes designed from recycled climbing ropes, in collaboration with @alltriangles.

It was filmed entirely in Chamonix, in the heart of the Sea of Ice, the valley’s busiest tourist destination, where global warming has visually marked and changed its appearance over the years.

Enjoy the film 👀

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