I AM Artemis - lining add-on

I AM Artemis - lining add-on

ARTEMIS is loved by everyone. It\'s on trend, comfortable and more than anything it\'s really easy to make. We can\'t have enough. Here, at I AM we have sewn it 7 times. Using, denim, jersey, thin wool, thin fabric for a kimono version, and we have even more ideas. ;)

Today, we show you our lined version from I AM IN AFRICA: a jacket made of jersey (sweatshirt jersey type) and lined with a 100% cotton fabric featuring traditional African prints. A lot of you want to line it so here we give you the how to.

We chose to make it in Jersey to give it a more relaxed style and a African print lining to give it an artist and coloured, designer touch.

Moreover jersey is a fabric that can loose its shape and the cotton lining ensures a it maintains its shape. 

It\'s totally fine to create Artemis with 2 woven fabrics.  Usually it is better to make a pleat on center back but as this jacket is quite loose it is not necessary.

This version of ARTEMIS is made to be worn with the cuffs rolled up. You can also not add the buttons to keep a more relaxed look.

You can find the complimentary add-on to line your own ARTEMIS here.


Please note that you need to have the original pattern in order to make it. If you don\'t have it yet, then you can buy it here.


We are already impatient to see your version. Tag it on social media using @iampatterns and #iamartemis #iampatterns

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