Zèbre – narrower sleeves

I AM Zèbre is one of your favourite sweatshirt. We propose a complimentary extension to sew a narrower balloon sleeves. For the fans, it is time to get excited about this and sew a new Zèbre for a new style. For those who were not sure the volume will suit them, go ahead and proudly sew your first Zèbre.

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Technical drawing of the I AM Zèbre sweatshirt with narrower sleeves

To sew the new sleeves:

Download the free pdf sewing pattern add-on.

and cut the pattern corresponding to your size.

Cut the sleeve twice as for the original sleeve and sew the garment as instructed in the original booklet.

Post a picture on Instagram and tag us so we can see your creation: @iampatterns #iamzebre #iampatterns

If you do not have the I AM Zèbre pattern yet, you can get it now.

I AM Patterns Zebre sweatshirt sewing pattern front puffy sleeves arm open
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