Artemis – Long coat

Your favorite jacket Artemis is back with a coat version. Perfect for winter and the cooler days, you can sew it in light woollen fabric but it is also possible to sew it on a thicker woollen fabric. You will need to make sure your sewing machine will be able to sew all the layers.

Psst… If you do not have your Artemis pattern yet, click here to discover it.

I AM Patterns sewing pattern artemis jacket hack long coat front view hands in pockets

To sew your ultra-long Artemis coat, it is very simple: Lengthen the bottom by 20″.

First, you will need to have an extra 1 1/8″ of fabric on top of the original requirement so you’ll need 4 yards in 55″wide fabric. For a perfect winter coat, make it on a nice and warm woollen fabric. If you prefer to wear it all year long, you can sew it in a lighter woollen fabric or a thick denim. You can even create a structured coat with a neoprene fabric

Then, you need to lengthen the pattern pieces number 1, 3 and 4 (back, front bottom and collar) by 20″.

To sew it, follow the instructions on the booklet received with the original Artemis pattern.

Do not forget to post a picture of your creation on social media using  @iam_patterns, #iampatterns and #iamartemis.. We are looking forward to seeing your Artemis coat.

Bonne couture.