• I AM Patterns - Sewing pattern free extension - short sleeve cassiopee dress I AM IN AFRICA

    Dreams of Africa Discover I AM IN AFRICA the new capsule collection by I AM Patterns. With its, motifs, wax fabrics, colours, Africa is making us dream this summer. Discover the new patterns: Celeste, Jain and Joy, as well as some of our favorites which we've revisited for the occasion. JAIN My apparent simplicity disguise [...] Continue Reading

    Three years ago we started I AM and it's been so rewarding. It wouldn't have been possible without you. So, to thank you for your loyalty we wanted to dedicate this new collection, I AM Friendly, to you all. We're excited to continue this beautiful adventure together. And as usual, we're eager to see all [...] Continue Reading

    Let us take you on a journey above the clouds with our capsule collection I AM DREAMING using fabrics from Atelier Brunette. Apollon, Aphrodite, Juliette, Pan, Cassiopée are sublimated to inspire you, to make your dreams come true. Discover the collection and give in to temptation of sewing these patterns over and over again. I [...] Continue Reading

    I AM A STAR is the new AW16 sewing patterns collection by I AM Patterns. Magnificent, majestic, the stars fascinate us. They form the vault of heaven, which we admire every time our eyes wonder towards the sky at night. These queens of the universe lead us in our greatest dreams. We, too, are stars […]

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  • I AM A MAN

    Since the beginning of times Men have always lived at the heart and at the pace of Nature. That's until a few generations when Men disconected from their natural environment and "modernised, industrialised". With the growing awareness of today's society Men wish to reconnect with their roots, with Nature and live a simpler life. It's [...] Continue Reading

    The I AM A GODDESS collection is inspired by Greek gods and goddesses. Timeless, refined and with a touch of "je ne sais quoi". Sew minimalist chic clothes that you can wear everyday. I AM APHRODITE I am Aphrodite, this season’s little black dress. My stylish backless and my sobriety add up to my elegance. [...] Continue Reading